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Born and raised in Chicago, Jenny Alien has honed their craft in London and currently thrives in New York City's DIY scene, where they perform alongside a dynamic live punk band. Drawing from their roots in Chicago's punk scene and influenced by London's hyperpop scene, Alien has crafted a distinctive sound—a dynamic fusion of electric punk that truly sets them apart. Their live shows, renowned for their idiosyncrasy and high energy, feature a live dancer and showcase a vibrant mix of punk energy and intricate electronic production.


“Jenny Alien offers a captivating and unpredictable experience, blending influences from Chicago punk, London hyperpop, and New York City's dynamic music scene.” - Flex Magazine


“Jenny Alien's music offers a glimpse into their authentic self, transcending genre boundaries to convey universal messages.” - For the Free Magazine


“With poignant and intelligent lyrics, Jenny Alien invites listeners into their wonderfully bizarre and honest world.” - Rain Magazine




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