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Born and raised in Chicago, Jenny Alien has spent recent years honing her craft in London and making her mark in the local music scene. She’s known for her diligent work in the live show sector, which has been described in a Loose Lips review as, “very Ke$ha on ketamine.” Time spent in punk bands before her move to England helped to create a rock-influenced sound, which has been well-maintained despite a clear genre shift. Alien's bold, provocative and deadpan lyrics provide an authentic backdrop to a sound of rebellion, chaos and youth culture.


“One of the freshest, and most captivating, acts in the live sector is Jenny Alien. With roots traversing the Chicago punk scene, London's hyperpop darlings, and New York City's ever-evolving musical landscape, Alien is anything but predictable. However, the "Jenny Alien Experience" does guarantee one thing: you'll always have fun listening.” - Flex Magazine

“Jenny Alien’s poignant and smart lyrics invite you into her wonderfully bizarre and honest world.” - Rain Mag


Boundary-pushing hyperpop artist Jenny Alien unveils her highly anticipated album "Massive Bangers," taking listeners on an immersive sonic journey across the spectrum of human experiences, fearlessly blending electrifying genres to explore topics from wild nights of partying to intense heartbreak. Born in Chicago and influenced by her punk roots, Jenny Alien's move to London further fueled her rebellious spirit and authentic storytelling. "Massive Bangers" is a testament to her commitment to delving into human emotions, with each track offering a unique window into vulnerability, resilience, chaos, serenity, and passion. The album showcases Jenny Alien's meticulous artistry as both a producer and mixer, creating an audacious sonic palette that amplifies the raw emotions in her lyrics. Captivating audiences with singles like "Corner Store," "Famous," and "Heart Attack," Jenny Alien expands her artistic vision with "Massive Bangers," pushing the boundaries of hyperpop and solidifying her influential role in the music industry. Jenny Alien invites listeners and industry tastemakers to join her immersive journey, with the album available on major streaming platforms. For press inquiries, interviews, or review copies, contact JENNYALIENMUSIC (AT) GMAIL.COM.



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